Energy Audits for fleets of vehicles for municipal waste collection in the Province of Seville

Client profile

Prodetur is a company of the Provincial Council of Seville created to promote the Economic Development and Tourism of the region. One of its aims is to promote energy policies that encourage energy savings and efficiency in municipalities of the Province of Seville.

The challenge

A tool for overall fleet management

One of the main priorities of Prodetur is to promote energy savings and efficiency in the transport sector. Along these lines, the need for a tool able to analyse and improve waste collection operations arose. Prodetur is responsible for fleets in 45 towns in the regions of Los Alcores, Estepa-Sierra Sur, la Vega and the district of Ecija. Therefore, the scenarios vary a lot when it comes to routes operation and management. In total, there are nearly 100 vehicles performing more than 160 routes collecting paper, cardboard, plastic packaging, glass bottles and organic waste.

The solution

Feature analysis, management research and improvement

ISOIN developed an integral solution which undertakes a detailed feature analysis and suggests improvements for the management of the fleet of vehicles used for waste collection by means of an Urban Services Management Platform. The developed software has two major features:

    1- An Energy Audit, which suggests possible improvements in the management of vehicles and points out critical factors affecting fuel consumption. All recommendations regarding energy savings are listed in an Action Plan.
    2- A Municipal Waste Management System, which complements the Energy Audit. The main role of the system is to perform inter-fleet evaluations and real-time tracking of vehicles using the 10 GPS units installed in the vehicles.


Pilar Benavides

Energy Agency

“The study performed has offered primarily a number of potential solutions to long-existing problems affecting the efficiency of the fleet of municipal waste collection. The implementation of suggested changes will foster productivity and energy savings in all regions analysed, thus enabling us to offer more sustainable services.”