ISOIN is a Spanish company operating in the new technologies sector. We offer innovative solutions in the fields of engineering and business. We help our customers manage their operations and business processes more efficiently and improve their competitiveness. We offer our services in a flexible, adaptable and transparent way throughout the full life cycle of each project. Our presence in Spain and Colombia strengthens our position in our global socio-economic environment and facilitates the development of multiple international partnerships. We offer our products and services in various sectors in our national markets, as well as on an international level. Both public and private organizations rely on us to support them as a solutions provider in each of the sectors we operate in.

In addition, we have ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO20000-1, ISO27001, PMP, SCRUM, ITIL and CMMI certifications, which guarantee quality, respect for the environment, IT service management and information security with which ISOIN manages its operations and which are a reflection of the culture of the organization for continuous improvement.


Customer focus

We constantly observe our business environment in order to remain flexible in unforeseen conditions. We choose to carefully listen to our clients and partners and never rely on one scenario solutions. Instead, we feed our projects with several real-life case studies and out-of-the box ideas enabling a responsive management culture which leads to successful results.

Human factor

The human factor is one of the most important assets of ISOIN. We select people from multiple disciplines with a single common characteristic: they love their work. A multifaceted view helps us develop solid methodologies, while our true interest in what we do allows us to stay up-to-date with the latest best-practices of the industry and incorporate them in our work processes.


We are committed team-players. We rely on each other to complete our work on time, on budget, and with high quality. Our team-leaders are focused on guiding the team to the company’s goals and not on getting credit for their accomplishments. Both team-leaders and team-players are transparent towards each other and to our clients. We value true collaboration which can only exist when trust relationships are built up.


The origins: (2001-2003)
ISOIN was founded in May 2001 by four engineers motivated to develop and offer better ICT to engineering and business companies. Being an innovation driven startup ISOIN starts taking part in R&D projects already in 2001 solving traffic problems in urban environments. At the same time ISOIN collaborates with companies of different sectors investigating the value chains of ICT (computer analysis and development, training, outsourcing, etc.).
The development: (2004-2011)
In 2004 the external services department was created. The line of activity in the field of ICT is developed from the partnership with Hewlett Packard. In 2006 the office in Madrid was opened and began working in the ICT field applied to health. In 2009, the partnership with Hewlett Packard expands globally. In 2010, Accenture and Indra are added to the portfolio. In 2010, ISOIN opens the Ambient Assisted Living (AAL ICT to facilitate the lives of older people) R&D line. In that year, began the services for datacenters and we are homologated by CDTI to offer international innovation services to companies.
The expansion: (2012-hoy)
In 2012, the Colombian corporation ISOIN AT was created and we began our activity and projects in Barcelona. During these years the transportation services catalogue was extended with transport fleet energetic audits. In 2013, the ISOIN Software Factory was created, began to develop advanced software engineering processes and added companies like Wipro to our clients portfolio. In the R&D field, ISOIN got 6 new AAL projects and began to take part in some projects related to Smart Cities. Today, ISOIN is an experienced company throughout all the value chain of ICT and its own international R&D abilities.