ISOIN has a long-lasting experience in the healthcare sector. The tools and solutions developed by ISOIN as well as integrated solutions developed in cooperation with our main commercial partners (Hewlett Packard and Qliktech) vary from management tools such as hospital management and logistics to technical solutions such as a radiology information system, the management and storage of diagnostic tests and the remote access to medical images. ISOIN’s mission is to improve the healthcare system to benefit patients enabling them to manage their health better, while at the same time allowing the managers of healthcare facilities be more efficient and take better decisions.

Despite the fact that many patients and healthcare professionals are using tele-health solutions with millions of citizens having downloaded healthcare applications for smartphones; our society is still in need of major improvements. Ehealth has a great potential in creating efficiencies for patients and healthcare providers and ISOIN is contributing to this leap forward.

Services catalogue

Healthcare organisation management
Management of administrative health data
Holistic medical records
Holistic system for logistic management
Medical personnel shifts management

Diagnostic tests
Radiology information system
Storage and management of diagnostic tests and images
Access to the radiology information database

Business intelligence
Hospital dashboard
Decision making tools
Time and cost optimisation reports

Nutrition management and tracking
ICT solutions for exercise and wellbeing
Accessible navigation and location systems
Social inclusion system for disabled and elderly




ISOIN is immersed in the definition of the European policies on healthy ageing (thanks to its participation in EIP on AHA) and commercial activities of ICT tools in e-health environment (Ageing Well).


The Innovation and Technology department of ISOIN comprises a quarter of our company’s workforce and activities to date. Our multidisciplinary team of experts combines in-house experience, in-depth knowledge, and excellent training skills.


OOur Innovation and Technology department has been participating in national and European R&D projects for more than 10 years, with FP5 being the first programme we got involved in at European level. ISOIN is currently involved in different programmes (FP7, AAL, EUROSTARS). Our on-going eHealth EU projects are MobileSage, GeTVivid, T&Tnet (co-ordinator) and Diet4Elders (co-ordinator).