Logistics, Mobility and Sustainable Transport

ISOIN develops designs and implements projects in the areas of Logistics, Mobility and Sustainable Transport, efficient fleet management and logistics for both private and public sector clients. We assist our clients and partners in carrying out road fleet audits, implementing transport pilot projects, developing transport solutions, supporting technological services and design training programs.

ISOIN´s experience in Logistics, Mobility and Sustainable Transport dates back to 2003. A team to experts in ICT solutions for urban mobility and transport fleet management was consisted. In 2007 ISOIN designed and delivered its first training programs on Efficient Fleet Management of Road Transport (GESFLOT) in Spain. ISOIN has been developing mobility plans and project strategies for sustainable mobility since 2008. Our company keeps on deepening its knowledge and specialisation in transport fleets optimisation by participating in R&D projects at regional, national and European levels.

Services catalogue

Urban mobility
Sustainable urban mobility plans
Transport plans for workers
Technological office of the sustainable mobility
Accesibility and road safety plans
Electric mobility integration
Energy and Environmental Impacts: Evaluation and Mitigation

Trucking fleets
Energy and environmental audits
Service and operations planning
Efficient and sustainable management of transport fleets
Intermodal route planning. Ecoroutes
Goods, public transport and urban solid waste

Intelligent transport systems
Management and data processing. Dashboard
Fleet management and vehicle tracking system
Geographic information systems (GIS)
Decision support systems (DSS)
Multiuser information systems. Social networks

Logistics Consulting
Reverse Logistics
Portals Logistics Information
ICT for Logistics
Training Logistics
Indicators of performance




The methods used by ISOIN are based on international standards, and are validated by various agencies in Spain, such as the Ministry of Development, Ministry of Environment and FEMP (Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces).


ISOIN has extensive experience, and activity track record in transport and sustainable mobility projects. These include 30 Urban Mobility Plans, several Energy Audits to Fleet Road Transport and various development of various customized software packages for Transport Fleet Management and Urban Mobility Management.

Customer focus

We integrate the delivery of our services with the business processes of our clients, thus sharing their sense of urgency and priorities. That is our key strategy to succeed in meeting the expectations of our clients in regards quality and cost.