Research Lines

The Innovation and Technology department of ISOIN researches and combines the latest developments in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the Internet of Things (IoT) in order to create market oriented solutions.

With the IoT nowadays “everything is connected”. Everyday life devices as mobile phones and wearables are connected to smart homes and cities through M2M & wireless sensor networks and a huge amount of data is being produced and processed in real time. Here is where Artificial Intelligence steps in. Using Data mining techniques combined with Machine learning, information is retrieved. With this process invisible but implicit information can be uncovered.

The use of semantics allows information classification, pattern detection and making predictions. The HCI developments make the communication of all this information to users natural and accessible. Emotions, body gestures, finger/hand movements and other types of social interaction are recognised and used as input to create ergonomic and cognitive technology. The Innovation and Technology department of ISOIN uses its technological knowledge in national and European research projects in the areas of ICT, eHealth and Ageing, Smart Cities, Geoinformation, and Security.

Our Research Lines

Artificial Intelligence
Information classification, semantics, clustering, information desambiguation, etc.
Machine Learning
Neuronal Networks
Supports vector machine
Datamining & Big Data
Reccomendations engine, predictions, pattern detection, text classification, etc.

Internet of Things
Mobile & Wereables
Smart Things
Monitoring & Control

Human-Computer Interaction
Multimodal interaction
Body Gestures
Emotions recognition
Interface adaptation
Social interaction



Cutting edge innovation

Working with the latest technologies allows ISOIN to be on the edge of the technological development.

Continuous improvement

At the same time, we constantly observe our business environment in order to remain flexible in unforeseen conditions.

Market oriented solutions

We are using the latest technologies to innovate, create market oriented solutions, added value to our services and offer a competitive advantage to our clients.