Innovation and Technology

The mission of the Innovation and Technology department is to provide added value to the commercial technological solutions of the company. The Innovation and Technology department is responsible for planning, designing and implementing innovative products and services thus differentiating the solutions of ISOIN from its competitors and bridging the gap between research prototypes and commercial outputs.

We value collaboration, thus we rely on our team members to complete our work on time, on budget, and with high quality, choosing also our partners carefully. We are committed to offer high-value solutions to our customers by staying at the forefront of knowledge in the sectors we operate in. ISOIN is in a continuous search for the most advanced systems. We promote new ideas and create opportunities. Our commitment is reflected in our innovative projects developed in cooperation with acknowledged companies and institutions.

Main development lines


The main ICT competences of ISOIN include the areas of: ambient intelligence, software development, intelligent real time GIS, internet of the things, facial/voice recognition ecosystems and security.
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eHealth and Ageing

Our Innovation and Technology department focuses on facilitating the lives of people who face more difficulties than an average adult, older adults and people with special needs.
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Smart Cities

The technological expertise of ISOIN in the area of SmartCities includes smart grids, sustainable mobility plans, energy efficiency, energy consulting services and data distribution.
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ISOIN has broad experience in location-based systems with location triggered solutions. An example of such solutions is the European research project T&Tnet, which ISOIN coordinates.
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ISOIN has gained solid experience in developing secure environments for a variety of users applying scalability techniques and wireless technologies.
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Quality and management

ISOIN advocates quality in all its projects which, combined with our experience in innovation management, makes ISOIN the perfect partner to cooperate with in projects and proposals.


ISOIN has extensive experience in European research activities. We have been participating in major European programs for more than 10 years now delivering successful projects.

Market orientation

In ISOIN we believe that innovation is the best tool to provide a distinct character to our commercial solutions, and we do so by setting our objectives in conjunction with our industry partners.