Innovation and flexible service models are utilised in all our sectors. The strategy of ISOIN is to develop sector based solutions and IT services, allowing us to offer innovative features to each market we operate in, responding to present-day challenges. ISOIN offers its services in Infrastructure, Software, IT Outsourcing and Training adapted to each industry. We are currently delivering our products and services to both private and public clients, varying from big industry players to SMEs and government departments in the sectors of Healthcare, Telco, Datacenters, Mobility and Transport. Discover below everything that ISOIN can offer.

Sectors of activity

Logistics,Mobility and Sustainable Transportt

ISOIN develops designs and implements projects in the areas of Logistics, Mobility and Sustainable Transport, efficient fleet management and logistics for both private and public sector clients.
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ISOIN’s position as an integrator of solutions for Datacenter management allows it to become the reference partner in the pursuit of operational effectiveness and efficiency.
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ISOIN has a long-lasting experience in the healthcare sector. The tools and solutions developed vary from management tools such as hospital management and logistics to technical solutions.
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Present amid the changes big telecom operators have undergone since 2001, ISOIN has accumulated significant experience in designing, developing and deploying new services for telecommunication networks.
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