Smart Cities

The technological expertise of ISOIN in the area of SmartCities includes smart grids, sustainable mobility plans, energy efficiency, energy consulting services and data distribution. ISOIN collaborates with cities that have digital integrated management platform in order to develop solutions that improve user interaction with the platform. Along the same line, ISOIN builds integrated systems for efficient and sustainable management of road transport fleet and develops mobility plans and decision- making tools.

Furthermore, ISOIN offers services that facilitate the adoption of new concepts and best practices fast and easily. Moreover, in the SmartCities context, ISOIN participates in projects where software for devices that measure energy consumption and quality are developed. More precisely, ISOIN has developed algorithms which optimize consumption and quality parameters. That allows the user to obtain measurements on energy supply as well as on the quality and safety of the electric network. ISOIN is also developing techniques of smart metering, that predict energy consumption and detect potential system failures before they occur.