ISOIN has broad experience in location-based systems with location triggered solutions. An example of such solutions is the European research project T&Tnet, which ISOIN coordinates. The T&Tnet project aims at creating a journey planner – an application for multimodal travel and transport. The navigation application developed by T&Tnet features socio-emotional networking, real time transport information and geo-located points of interests.

Moreover, ISOIN is involved in the data analysis of data from ERS satellites. For example, in frames of the FORSAT project that we are currently carrying out we use the new technique of high resolution images treatment which allows to detect changes in the biomass of forestry and other related parameters. ISOIN also takes advantage of its knowledge in GNSS to develop mobile applications which use data streams from satellites. These data is collected, stored, processed, managed, analysed and finally deployed by GIS systems in order to solve complex issues where location is a key parameter.