icon sophiaISOIN investigates and performs projects about eHealth trying to promote and develop solutions to the current needs of the society. The SOPHIA project – Senior Occupation after Profession: Intriguing Habit Adults– in which ISOIN colaborates aims to create a network the core of which will be senior adults after retirement who would like to continue offering their skills. Some of the network branches will be companies and enterprises that would require knowledge and expertise of the seniors, or individuals who could use their help. This network will bring in contact the senior adults with any other group of persons who suffer information or knowledge of the senior experts, always in a friendly and efficient environment.

ISOIN is one of the partners responsible for developing technical part of the project. To perform our targets, our team is developing web platform that will be used by each user in order to bring in contact with other people who also use it. On this platform, all components of the study and development of the project are performing known technologies (Java development) and innovation ideas and algorithms.

Every SOPHIA development is performed taking into account needs and comforts of platform users. This task can be efficient through european partners participation and evaluation during the different phases of the project with assessments and demands of end users.

This project about eHealth is from AAL. You could find more information here:  http://sophia-aal.eu/


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