Senior occupation after profession: habit intriguing adults

SOPHIA is a project that aims at the continuation of an older adult’s occupation after one’s retirement. Continuing ones professional activity will result in the maintenance of his/her mental or even physical activity, thus, maintaining good health, contributing to the society and generating extra disposable income. The developed social platform will support a network of both retired adults and enterprises needing their help. The platform will be available in a web and app versions with multimodal senior-friendly interfaces. Innovative features of this platform will regard the secure payment of senior services and the anonymised behaviour analysis process, both embedded in the system, which will provide useful insights for research organisations and policy makers involved in related matters.

Coordinator: GeoImaging Ltd.

  • GeoImaging Ltd
  • Ingeniería y Soluciones Informáticas S.L. (ISOIN)
  • University of Bamberg – Department of General Psychology and Methodology
  • Association of Social Institutions of Slovenia
  • Infokom GmbH
  • Ilumya Ltd
  • Wellness Telecom

Funding program: AAL 6th call.

Development lines: ICT, eHealth and Ageing.