Dynamic Nutrition Behaviour Awareness System for the Elders

DIET4Elders aims at improving the quality of life of older adults by reducing malnutrition caused by the problems of ageing. Malnutrition is a common problem amongst elderly. Its source lies within behavioural patterns associated with unhealthy eating habits. The system collects data which supports a number of services: older adults are assisted in following a healthy diet, nutritionists can make more informed diet prescriptions and adjust them, food service providers are facilitated in assembling more personalised food ordering. The result will further benefit stakeholders such as homecare providers and healthcare professionals who will be able to perform their tasks more efficiently.

Coordinator: Ingeniería y Soluciones Informáticas S.L. (ISOIN).

  • Ingeniería y Soluciones Informáticas S.L. (ISOIN)
  • Tunstall Healthcare Ltd.
  • Kings College London
  • Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

Funding program: AAL 5th call.
Contact with the coordinator: Víctor Sánchez (

Development lines: ICT, eHealth and Ageing.