Nowadays the study of the performance of communications networks is an important task in order to establish policies that aim to the maximization of the network efficiency in very diverse fields.

Isoin is currently developing a useful tool the evaluate the performance of the communications. This evaluation is made from an energetic and from a quality of service point of view.

To the improvement of the simulator, it is scheduled not only the development of new functionalities related to HetNets, IoT device models and mobility scenarios, but also the evaluator module. Nowadays, with the evaluator module we can evaluate the energetic performance of the communications from the user equipment point of view, now the new evaluator module will add the power consumption of eNodeBs and a completely new subsystem for the evaluation of the Quality of Service. To evaluate the performance it will be used Key Performance Indicators such as packet loss, packet delay, throughput, jitter…

We can divide the structure of the tool in two different modules. The network simulator NS3 with its LTE/LTE-A communications module LENA. This network simulator runs under a free software licence and uses C++ as coding language. On the other hand, it is used a numerical calculation program in which the traces from the network simulator are processed. In addition, the whole environment is automatized thanks to Bash scripting.

To sum up, the development of this tool is important to Isoin because it gives value to the quality of the work already done in previous projects.

The target of all this development is to get a useful and complete tool for the evaluation of the performance of mobile communications.

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