GeTVivid project has finished satisfactorily, having being recognized the excelent job done and the involvement of all the companies related to it.

The final meeting was held in Salzburg at the end of May. The conclusion of the project has been a bit sad because of the strecht relations arosen among all the companies all along this 30 months. For this same reason, we are all willing to collaborate with all the members of this fantastic consortium.

During this time, Isoin got the expected outcomes. As in all projects, at the end, one of the most important things is the knowledge and experience gotten along throughout the duration of the project. In this project, we have learnt about very interesting topics such as text processing and mining, gamification and recommendation systems.

The pilots of GeTVivid platform has been done in some of the different EUOs involved in this project. The results carried out by this project are very stimulating.

The positive attitude of potential stakeholders as well as the end users organizations has pointed out the positive outcomes and because of it, some of the partners has decided to go ahead with the exploitation of this project, willing to reach the market as soon as possible.










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