Finally SocialCare project will be able to move forward thanks to the national funding call for AAL projects.

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The aim of the SocialCare project is to support and promote the social innovation process where citizens and older people are taking control of their own wellbeing supporting each other. In order to reach this goal, it will develop a new approach to care for older people which is user centred and at local level, making use of local resources, bringing as a result, a set of guidelines, best practices and technological tools for a sustainable social care network by empowered citizens in local communities that supports older people.

The SOCIALCARE project is focused on the social innovation that is needed to obtain a more sustainable care system, where stakeholders collaborate and where older people are the director of their own care needs. Therefore, it is necessary to provide all the information needed for the correct interpretation of the elder’s health condition.

Among the different modules that exist in the project, ISOIN will develop the user data monitoring. This module is based on an IoT infrastructure with a devices and services Plug in System, which main functions are to track the main care parameters and to manage the different devices and care services suppliers.

SocialCare consortium is composed by partners from 4 different countries:

  • National Foundation for the Elderly – The Netherlands
  • Eerste Verdieping – The Netherlands
  • LIFEtool – Austria
  • University if Applied Sciences Upper Austria
  • Johanniter – Austria
  • ISOIN – Spain
  • Atos Wordline Spain – Spain
  • Johanniter International – Belgium

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The INNOVCARE concept will aim to provide a novel support system with personalized assisted living ICT services for older adults in order to prolong their autonomy, improve their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, prevent further dependence, and facilitate networks to support self-care. Better self-management does lead to healthier patients, more appropriate health service usage, and fewer unplanned hospital admissions. INNOVCARE involves healthcare professionals, informal caregivers and elderly as a team to work together for enhancing elderly health and wellbeing.



The technical components under INNOVCARE project are divided in three innovative concepts according to which of the three person centred care activities are going to be utilised (Physical activity monitoring through wearables technology, Neurological condition evaluation through mobile SmartPhohes, and Self-management care network). All the innovative components will be bound on a common open platform which offers them as services enabling the dynamic composition of packages of services based on interoperability and standards. This will be developed taking into consideration the growing importance of formal and informal caregivers with the participation of KempeLife, Seniornett and JDC (Israeli Association for the Planning and Development of Services for the aged in Israel; subcontracted by LoK) in the consortium, who will support the technical development in the different stages to develop market needed solutions accepted by the end users.



  • Wellnes Telecom (Coordinator) – Spain
  • ISOIN – Spain
  • TANIWA – Spain
  • Life On Key (LOK) – Israel
  • Smart Homes – The Netherlands
  • KempenLIFE – The Netherlands
  • NinthWays – The Netherlands
  • SeniorNett – Norway
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GeTVivid project has finished satisfactorily, having being recognized the excelent job done and the involvement of all the companies related to it.

The final meeting was held in Salzburg at the end of May. The conclusion of the project has been a bit sad because of the strecht relations arosen among all the companies all along this 30 months. For this same reason, we are all willing to collaborate with all the members of this fantastic consortium.

During this time, Isoin got the expected outcomes. As in all projects, at the end, one of the most important things is the knowledge and experience gotten along throughout the duration of the project. In this project, we have learnt about very interesting topics such as text processing and mining, gamification and recommendation systems.

The pilots of GeTVivid platform has been done in some of the different EUOs involved in this project. The results carried out by this project are very stimulating.

The positive attitude of potential stakeholders as well as the end users organizations has pointed out the positive outcomes and because of it, some of the partners has decided to go ahead with the exploitation of this project, willing to reach the market as soon as possible.










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