Andalucía has been one of the 74 regions awarded with the title “Reference site” as a regional leader advancing innovation for active and healthy ageing across Europe. This reference sites are “ecosystems which comprise different players (including regional and/or local government authorities, cities, hospitals/care organizations, industry, SMEs and/or start-ups, research and innovation organizations and civil society), that jointly implement a comprehensive, innovation-based approach to active and healthy ageing, and can give evidence and concrete illustrations of the impact of such approaches on the ground”.

This awards were celebrated in the ‘European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing’ (EIP on AHA) Awarded list can be seen here


Andalucía is present in the InnovCare Project with the participation of two SMEs, Wellness Telecom, the Coordinator of the project and ISOIN S.L.

This award shows the commitment of the Spanish partners and government in innovating and improving our elderly health and wellbeing.

The InnovCare project aims to contribute in Active and Healthy Ageing by creating an innovative collaborative platform in which elderly, friends, familiars, and caregivers can interact and monitor their status in a personalized, confidential and secure way, with the support of an active community.

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