Within the framework of SiGo Project, it has been identified some use cases such as M2M communications and vehicular communications. It is expected that this use cases are going to suffer an important evolution with the integration of new pre-5G technologies. Therefore, it is very important the correct modeling of this kind of devices because of along the third milestone of the project all the partners will collaborate in order to check the developments done previously. If it is necessary, Isoin will adjust these modelings to enreal the results.

By this time, the essential part of the development has been concluded. Among these developments we want to highlight the followings:

The migration to the most updated version of the simulator in order to correct some of the bugs in module we use in the SiGo framework.

Regarding the network energy efficiency, it has been developed a new module to evaluate the power consumption of the eNodesB. To do so, we have done a large amount of developments not only in the NS3 simulator but also in the numerical analysis program. The followed process has been very similar to the process followed to calculate the power consumption of the user equipments (UEs).

The module to evaluate the performance of the network is almost done. In this module we obtain the delay, the packet loss, the throughput and the jitter. Right now we are working on the presentation of this data to make it user friendly.

Finally, it is almost ready the user device modeling within the simulator. Thanks to this modeling it will be possible to simulate a huge variety of devices and due to the infinity of inner variables of the simulator, it will be possible to create simulation scenarios almost real.




2017-03-10 (1)2017-03-10

PROYECTO Nº: ITC-20151298

Periodo: 2015 – 2017

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