Staffing Services

ISOIN has 13 years of experience in Project development and service delivery in the Information Technology sector. Competency selection, constant training of our technicians, and respect for our employees, clients and partners, makes ISOIN a good place to work. At the same time, we offer services in the area of talent management in IT.


Customized IT training programs
Staffing services focused on low, medium and management profiles.
Straight recruitment

Strong IT specialization
More than 1500 recruitment sources in Spain
Universitiy parnertships
Customized software to make efficient the recruitment process
Technical test
Assesment centers
Participation of our technicians in interviews

Business Intelligence
Logistical (Map, Places etc APIS)
Innovation (IoT, HCI, etc..)

Ordinary Staffing services workflow

Consultant Assignement
ISOIN will assign one expert consultant based on your field to be familiarized with your culture and processes.

Profiles definition
The consultant will request your needs and will define with you the most accurate solution.

ISOIN will launch an internal and external searching to the most accurate profiles, using the most efficient tools.

Processes report
Due ISOIN’s own tools, ISOIN will track and report the current status adjusting the feedback to your schedule.

First Interview
Essential skills will be checked, like technical matching, availability etc…

Once you have evaluated the proposals, you can meet the different options to deliver the service.

We wiill send to you the best candidates who matchs the vacancies the best, including the costs.

With the differents resoults of the previous tests, ISOIN will make the decission.

Technical test
Once the two interviews have been passed, the candidate will be evaluated technically using our questionaries.

Second interview
The candidate will be interviewed by our technicals and consultants.

Onboarding training
ISOIN will engaged an onboarding training if this one will be needed.

Onboarding process
We realize the first days are key to both parts. So we keep constant the communication with the customer and the employeees.

Follow up
ISOIN will keep constant this inertia feeding back to customer.




Adoption of IT management methodologies to the 'most human' branches of management, ensuring the delivery of world-class services with the appropriate levels of capacity, availability, continuity, security and productivity.


ISOIN accumulated years of experience in conflict management, early detection of talent and its conservation, as well as in the preparation of development plans and productivity.

People focus

Our dedication to service and a double perspective in which we consider 'our customer' both the external one as well as our employees, sharing their sense of urgency and priority, positions us as a strategic partner in meeting your expectations.