Due to the great advances and interest generated in e-Health projects, from the Isoin  I+D department we are working on adapting this new device to some of our projects, with the aim of offering the user the possibility of obtaining Its data of systolic pressure, diastolic pressure and heart rate.

For this, the first step has been the acquisition of the product, from which we can appreciate all its components:


It is a tensiometer compatible with Android and iOS that sends measurements to our Android application. This device has medical certificates on hypertension both European (European Hospital Georges Pompidou, Holland Leiden Hospital and ESH) and American (American Medical Group Association, FDA and AHA).

We are talking about the Withings Blood Pressure Tester, which provides an API for obtaining measurement results through the cloud. Which is even more interesting when it comes to providing the user with their own data in a more intuitive way.

The device works from the Withings application, which will be necessary for updating the user data for any of the e-Health projects applications. The user interface is quite intuitive:


We support in this way the incorporation of another body parameter to give the user another different category to improve the continuous care of his health.


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